A Winter Stay in Bella Beach

Bella Beach is a truly unique and special community along the Oregon Coast. Tucked into a charming woodland just South of Lincoln City and just North of Depoe Bay, it’s no wonder this resort community, with it’s charming Nantucket style cottages, outdoor gathering spaces, kid’s playground and on-property cafe and management office is beloved by so many. Meredith Lodging announced in November that they were assuming the marketing and management of Bella Beach…and that gave us the perfect excuse to spend some time in this special seaside neighborhood.

Upon arrival, we checked in at the onsite office (so convenient!) and were given a map of the resort. Having never visited Bella Beach before, we actually used the map to drive the entirety of the neighborhood and get the lay of the land. We were struck by how the diversity of architecture, the lush landscaping and the charming common spaces made a relatively new community feel established like it had always been there. We checked in to our Bella Beach Vacation rental and had just enough time to drop our bags and walk to the beach to catch the sunset. We loved the boardwalk path and steps to the shore but the real gift was waiting for us at the beach.

Many people who frequent the Oregon Coast say they prefer to visit in the off-season. They often talk about the whale-watching opportunities, the beaches that are not only uncrowded, but often feel like you have them to yourself…and the opportunity to see and feel and enjoy the weather. No matter if it’s a weekend of storm-watching or if the sun comes out (which it does a lot on the off season!), anyone visiting the coast will be rewarded with something to see.

As we headed down to the beach it was clear this sunset was going to be something special. The entire beach was lit up with golden-hour light. The sea was shimmering and looked almost like it had diamonds floating on top of the water. We laughed about our good luck and settled in to watch the show while our friends frolicked in the bright-white foamy waves. It felt like a gift, that sunset, and having the time to watch it with friends was the best gift of all. 

Once the ball had dropped all the way into the sea, we made our way back to our Bella Beach home to tuck in for the night. Every Bella Beach vacation rental is so lovely and well appointed…and we sure enjoyed coming “home” to our chef’s kitchen and cozy fireplace. A nice dinner at home, a movie on the big-screen TV, some wine and stories around the fire, and we were all tucked into our plush beds made up with luxury linens for the night.

Morning comes early with little ones and we were thankful to be staying in a resort community with little or no car traffic and lots of green spaces and room to play. We made our way to the playground so our smallest travelers could get their wiggles out…and just when we were all feeling a bit of morning chill, we walked over to the on-property cafe, C’est La Vie, to warm up and check things out. 

We were greeted with a surprisingly extensive menu of sweet and savory crepes and treats and an impressive list of espresso and other hot beverage options to help us fight the chill. Such a luxury to have all of this ease and yumminess and not have to get in the car! We settled in for some delicious crepes, hot chocolate and espresso drinks…and a morning tradition had officially been established. 

The weather was so nice that day we just hung out in the neighborhood until the afternoon. Then we hopped in the car and drive a few minutes down the road to charming Depoe Bay. Our group split up into those who wanted to look for whales and those who wanted to shop for treasures, and needless to say, everyone was happy with what they found. Depoe Bay is a truly stunning part of the coast and one of the best whale-watching locations in the country. And downtown Depoe Bay is famous for its trinket shops and saltwater taffy. 

After a fun afternoon strolling in the sun, it was time to head back. Before heading back to our Bella Beach Home, we stopped by for an early dinner at an Oregon Coast favorite we had heard a lot about, Tidal Raves. We quickly learned why this restaurant is so revered. Jaw-dropping views and incredible food…yes, please! We made the short drive back to Bella Beach with full stomachs and smiles on our faces. Some of us took a quick dip on the hot-tub before we all had a great night’s sleep in our comfortable beds.

We woke on the last day of our quick getaway to some fog and mist so decided to stick close to home and really enjoy our lovely Bella Beach vacation rental. After a morning beach walk, most of the crew turned on the game and set out to make football-viewing snacks while a few of us were lucky enough to sneak away to nearby Salishan Spa and Shops…a world-class spa and resort overlooking stunning Siletz Bay and just a few minutes drive from Bella Beach. After an afternoon of pampering and relaxing, we all convened back at Bella Beach for a sunset stroll and one more memorable meal around our big, lovely dining table. As we raised a glass to our new favorite resort property and our good luck on the weather…we realized that no matter what the weather, the true gift is always time spent together, and a chance to slow down and soak up all of the scenic beauty that is our beloved Oregon Coast. We can’t wait to go back to Bella Beach!

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