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Recognized locally and nationally for its exceptional exhibits and educational programs, the Oregon Coast Aquarium is a must see activity when you are staying at Bella Beach or anywhere near Lincoln City and Depoe Bay. Immerse yourself in the mysteries of the ocean at this world-class marine educational attraction nestled on beautiful Yaquina Bay in Newport, Oregon. The Aquarium is a living classroom for all learning styles and ages. As one of Oregon’s top tourist attractions, the Aquarium is a vital educational resource for the state, with over 40,000 students visiting the aquarium each year. The Aquarium strives to be a center of excellence for ocean literacy and plays an active role in conservation and animal rehabilitation efforts.


As one of the top attractions on the Oregon Coast, the Aquarium is a captivating destination and a trusted resource for ocean education and conservation in the Pacific Northwest. With impressive exhibits that allow visitors to experience the ocean up close, and even hands on! They consider themselves as “a living classroom for all learning styles and ages” – and it is true! With carefully cultivated habitats and a long list of native Oregon sea creature, it is impossible not to learn something new when exploring the aquarium.


With a focus on ocean conservation, the Oregon Coast Aquarium shares much of Oregon’s history. For example, the Otter exhibit contains the largest population of sea otters in the state of Oregon due to the past hunting that took place amongst fur traders.


Perhaps you’ve seen the classic aquarium photographs of faces full of wonder on people walking through underwater walkways, surrounded by animals from the Open Sea – the leopard shark, rockfish, and big skate – that is exactly what the Oregon Coast Aquarium has in store for you! Forget about life above ground, and immerse yourself in this tranquil display of the Pacific Ocean.


From mesmerizing jellyfish and playful otters to beautiful displays and hands-on tidal pools, the Oregon Coast Aquarium is a perfect attraction for guests of our vacation rentals who want a deeper look at the rich underwater ecosystem that Oregon has to offer.



2820 SE Ferry Slip Rd

Newport Oregon, 97365



Aside from whale-watching and standing on the highway bridge to observe the boat traffic passing in and out of the world’s smallest harbor, the most popular activity in the cozy little town of Depoe Bay is watching the spouting horns!


Similar to blowholes, spouting horns can be seen all along the coast, but nowhere are they more spectacular than along the coastline at Depoe Bay. These geyser-like plumes occur in places where water is forced through narrow channels in basalt rock. As the channels become more restricted, the water shoots skyward under great pressure and can spray 60 feet into the air, more than a few unwary visitors have been doused by a spouting horn as they unknowingly pass by. Check out the video footage of the Depoe Bay Spouting Horn in action!



110 Oregon Coast Hwy

Depoe Bay, OR 97341

(541) 765.2261


Mariner Square in Newport, Oregon is home to a number of popular fun family attractions including Oregon Undersea Gardens, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and The Wax Works. Set on the bustling causeway lining Newport’s historic bayfront – Mariner Square has long been a favorite vacation destination for travelers from near and far.



250 SW Bay Boulevard

Newport, OR 97365

(541) 265.2206


Ossies Surf Shop was started in 1998 on the headland at Otter Rock. The name “Ossie” came from the original owner's son, whom the shop was named after. For two consecutive summers, Ossies Surf Shop at Otter Rock provided surf rentals, espresso, and ceramic pottery to the visitors of Newport, Lincoln City, and surrounding areas. Otter Rock has long been known as a great summer surf spot. Otter Rock gained notoriety in Oregon and throughout the Pacific Northwest as a result of an annual longboarding contest called “The Cowabunga Classic”. Today Otter Rock is known as the Waikiki of the central Oregon coast, a great place for beginners and experienced surfers alike to enjoy the Pacific Ocean swells year round.



104 NE Hwy 101

Depoe Bay, Or 97369

(541) 765.2776


The natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest. These are treasures best found with a knowledgeable guide and an adventurous spirit. Opportunities abound in Oregon and Washington for guided tours such as camping, hiking, whale watching or horseback riding. Take to the water on a kayak tour or explore the wine country with a Northwest vineyard trip. Familiarize yourself with the historic and cultural heritage of the area. Experience it all while learning to have a minimal impact on this spectacular environment. Led by accomplished naturalists, our tour guides make your nature experience a safe and memorable one while implementing responsible and sustainable tourism practices.


Plan your vacation in Oregon or Washington now! Let NorthWest EcoExcursions, LLC reconnect YOU with Nature.



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